January 19, 2011

My First Pattern!

I am extremely excited (dorky, I know) to announce my first knitting pattern!! It's not really a big deal, but I am excited about it nonetheless. I've been knitting for almost ten years, and have been making up patterns for a while, but up until now have never taken the time to write them down. The cable design is adapted from the Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns.

Here's the pattern: 
Criss-Cross Cable Headband
Size 8 Needles
Worsted Weight Yarn
Notions - Button, Thread, Crochet Hook

K1FB = Knit stitch in front and back (increases by 1)
K2Tog = Knit two stitches together (decreases by 1)

CO 5 stitches
1. K1, P3, K1 (RS)
2. P1, K3, P1 (WS)
3. K1, P3, K1
4. P1, K1FB, K1, K1FB, P1
5. K1, P5, K1
6. P1, K1FB, K3, K1FB, P1
7. K1, P7, K1
8. P1, K7, P1
9-14. Repeat rows 7 and 8 three more times each
15. K1, P7, K1
16. P1, K1FB, K2, K1FB, K2, K1FB, P1
17. K1, P10, K1
18. P1, K1FB, K2, K1FB, K2, K1FB, K2, K1FB, P1
19. K1, P14, K1
20. P1, K1FB, K3, K1FB, K4, K1FB, K3, K1FB, P1
21. K1, P18, K1
22. P1, K1FB, K4, K1FB, K6, K1FB, K4, K1FB, P1
23. K1, P22, K1
Cable Pattern
1. P3, K18, P3
2. Work each stitch as it appears (k the k's, p the p's)
3. P3, *Slip 3 to Cable Needle and hold in back, K3, K3 off cable needle*, repeat from * to * two more times, P3
4. Work each stitch as it appears (k the k's, p the p's)
5. P3, K18, P3
6. Work each stitch as it appears (k the k's, p the p's)
7. P3, K3, *Slip 3 to Cable Needle and hold in front, K3, K3 off Cable needle*, repeat from * to * one more time, K3, P3
8. Work each stitch as it appears (k the k's, p the p's)
Begin Decrease
1. P1, K2tog, K4, K2tog, K6, K2tog, K4, K2tog, P1
2. K1, P18, K1
3. P1, K2tog, K3, K2tog, K4, K2tog, K3, K2tog, P1
4. K1, P14, K1
5. P1, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K2, K2tog, P1
6. K1, P10, K1
7. P1, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K2, K2tog, P1
8. K1, P7, K1
9. P1, K7, P1
10-15. Repeat 8-9 3 more times each
16. K1, P7, K1
17. P1, K2tog, K3, K2tog, P1
18. K1, P5, K1
19. P1, K2tog, K1, K2tog, P1
20. K1, P3, K1
21. P1, K3, P1
22. K1, P3, K1
Cast off, leaving a 12 inch tail.
Using a crochet hook, chain 6 stitches with tail and slip stitch chain in other side, creating a loop.
Using needle and thread, sew a button on other side.
Block if desired.

Here's the link to the PDF:

Here's the link on Ravelry:

One person is in the process of test-knitting it, but if anyone else wants to I would be greatly appreciative. Let me know if there are any mistakes, or if anything doesn't make sense.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I've lots of stuff on needles at the moment but, as soon as I've a free pair, I'm going to give this a try because I love it.

  2. Yahoo! Good for you! I can't try it right now bit I'll try in the future.

  3. This looks great! Any idea how many yds/headband? I have lots of leftover worsted weight and am wondering if it would work? :)

  4. oops! I knew I forgot something. I think it took me around 75-80 yards...it's perfect for using leftover skeins!

  5. I saw this on Craftster! Its so cute! I can't wait to try it for myself. :D Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely! I'm thinking about modifying this one as a cowl pattern by just starting off with 24 stitches cast on (or some greater multiple of 6) and skipping the increase rows.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I love this pattern. I'd like to share in return - if you crochet, I have some free patterns on Ravelry - Sue Pendleton.

  8. I just made this headband for a friend! It worked out so well and your instructions were so easy to follow! thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I love it!

  9. Hi,
    keen to try this pattern out as it is just what my daughter is after. Could someone clarify for me what 'worsted weight' translates into in Australia - don't think we have that.
    Also can't seem to think what RS and WS at the end of rows 1 and 2 are - know I will kick myself when someone says it.

  10. Hi naomi!
    RS and WS are the right side and wrong side of the work. Worsted weight yarn is explained here:

    Hope that helps. I'd love to see how your headband turns out!

  11. Mari,

    Can I use double pointed or circular needles for this pattern? I am not a "beginner knitter" :) but I do have to question some patterns.

  12. Nancy-
    you can use a circular needle if you use it as a regular needle: i.e. work the pattern back and forth on the two ends of the circular. I wouldnt suggest using double-pointed needles in case it slipped off one end.
    Hope that helps! Enjoy!

  13. I love this pattern! I'm about halfway through. My gauge is always way too tight however. I need to double the cable part!

  14. I made this for my step-sister's birthday, it took me one day and it looks brilliant!
    I used 4mm needles and the corresponding wool; I used a really nice deep burgundy colour acrylic and had to repeat the cable pattern many more times so it became long enough. The smaller needles makes the cabling look even cuter.
    Thanks so much for this great pattern!
    Lisa. xxx

  15. this was my first knitting project with a cable and it was so easy and quick! i love the way it looks! thank you!

  16. I just finished this and it looks awesome! I'm so excited. I just learned to knit two weeks ago. This was my first time increasing, decreasing, and cabling, and I finished in one afternoon thanks to your easy to follow directions. Thanks so much!

  17. What does " Work each stitch as it appears (k the k's, p the p's)"

    In that case, is it just K3 P18 K3 ? I am sort of a beginner, but learning fast!!

  18. For some reason reason I am having trouble with the cable pattern. It looks like 3 snakes going down the band instead of the cris cross look I see in the picture. I took it out 4 times but to no avail. Not sure what I'm doing wrong perhaps I'm messing up rows 2,4,and 6 of the cable pattern. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    1. It sounds like you are skipping the cabling portion of the pattern. In the cable part of the pattern (rows 3 and 7 of the cable portion), be sure to move the three stitches to the cable needle and hold them in the back or front. Hope this helps.

  19. Hi, Mari: I just finished this headband and it was very easy to do. I only have one comment. I must knit rather tightly as I ended up doing 11 cable patterns to make it long enough. You might want to put in your instructions to try on the headband after 7 cable patterns in case it is not long enough. Thank you.

  20. Great pattern! I used size 8 needles and 100% merino wool yarn. I take a larger hat size, and I repeated the cable pattern one additional time. Instead of adding a loop and button (after casting off), I wove together the bound-off stitches on each end. I'm very happy with the results. Thank you for sharing this pattern!

  21. found this pattern worked really well, but had to add a few more times of the cable pattern on. I have a big head :/

    very quick and easy to knit, made in a few hours.

  22. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog by complete accident, and I don't know how I got here! I loved the photo of this headband, and had just the right amount of stash wool to complete it. It was a great pattern to follow, great job! I am an advanced beginner and had never done cables before, and this pattern was perfect! I only wish it had been tad bit wider. For some reason mine came out more narrow than yours did (from the photograph). If I had just a little more skill, I could have added a few increases but I don't know where I would do that.

    I also have a question. I have a brand new blog, keeping track of the things I make, similar to yours, but a novice approach, versus your very professional one! I wanted to know if I could have your permission to post a photograph of what my result was with this pattern, and then I wanted to both add your blog as a link on mine, and then I wanted to put the pattern on my blog, crediting you with the work of course. But I want your permission before I do anything.

    Thanks again, and great job, I can't wait to go back and peruse your other projects!
    email ME08081@yahoo.com

  23. I absolutely love this pattern :) I've made a few of these, but I was beginning to run out of wool, but your lovely post inspired me to write my own pattern for a headband not quite as wide. I've given your pattern version as a present to a few friends and they absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing!

  24. I am a new knitter and am not sure how to do rows 2 4 6 &8 of the cable pattern as I can't seem to tell the difference in the K & P stitch in the project. Can someone please help? My email is melissahedge4@gmail.com

  25. Can you advise if the pattern should be modified to have fewer rows if I'm using a bulky 100% baby alpaca yarn? Thanks.